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My family and I live in beautiful Central Oregon, we have lived in Bend for many years with many adventures to share. During my time here I have accomplished many goals, but Chocolate has always been a hidden passion of mine.

I was introduced to the sweet world of chocolate by a friend, and I loved it! A few years later I attended a chocolate seminar that was given by a Belgium Chocolatier, this was a great privilege for me. Having this experience gave me the desire to start experimenting and playing with chocolate on my own. It led me to many unique designs and flavors that gave me the desire to pursue a career.

 I began my business in 2008 as a hobby, and as it grew, I began to see the potential it could have. Since then, it as been growing little by little, but it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. 

  I am excited to share my products with all of those who enjoy chocolate as much as I do. Being able to craft chocolate has given me the opportunity to express my creativity and passion for it. My motivation inspires me to continue to create and explore unique flavors always striving to deliver satisfaction in every bite!

     My chocolates are handcrafted and locally made in small batches from the finest cacao grown in Venezuela. I use high-quality ingredients to provide freshness and high content of antioxidants  while only using the purest chocolate,to craft my many works of art. 
My desire is to deliver wonderful flavors and a guaranteed of satisfaction.

Lidia Vazquez



Our chocolate is produced from the finest cacao grown in remote areas of Venezuela.

The cacao beans do not mix or blend with different beans. Every line of chocolate is a single origin, which means that it is created from a single type of bean.

The chocolate is made using an all-natural process that retains all the flavonoids which can otherwise be stripped out during conventional alkaloid processes.

Our chocolate does not contain any preservatives, additives, or extenders. Personal motivation inspires me to produce the finest chocolates; my authenticity of chocolate-making is proudly proven from the great tastes in every bite!  

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Lidia's chocolates have proudly hand-crafted many specialty varieties of flavors and they go from truffles to caramels to toffees and more, since 2009.

All of them make a great gift for a special someone or for yourself.

Also, they are excellent for a wedding favor, seasonal gifts, and Holiday gifts. We offer a selection of gourmet truffles, chocolate bars, gift baskets and corporate business gifts!

Our assortments are beautiful packaged, ready to be gifted, or enjoyed by you!

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